Let Go and Let God.

What a week! Wheweeee.  It started out a little stressful when I came to the realization that some big decisions would have to be made as my lease ends soon and wrapped up with finding out I had a good ‘ol sinus infection.  However, I am still here to live another day, so I suppose I don’t have too much to complain about 🙂  In fact, from the chaos of the week, I actually have a neat story to share!

Like I mentioned, the week started off a little stressful.  You know how that is when you avoid a situation because you know it may be tough and then coming to the realization you can’t put it off any longer – causing every emotion under the sun to hit you at once! Not that I would ever do that, or procrastinate, but somehow that just happened…weird!

As I sat at the MinuteClinic Thursday waiting to see the nurse, I came to terms that this “MinuteClinic” was going to be more like the “HourClinic.”  (Although having said that, I was very thankful I had that service available!) After seeing the nurse, I had the unique opportunity, ohhhh, you know, to wait again!! Yipeee, I thought. I wandered back to the pharmacy as I waited for my prescription.  Knowing I had time to kill, I gazed around to see if there was anything that could distract my attention and wouldn’t result in an impulse buy.  I noticed a slim, seemingly out of place book rack.  Because the books were right next to the pharmacy window and in front of the waiting area, I stood there awkwardly skimming to find a book.  Most were chapter books of religious nature.

In the midst of the books was a small, dark blue book.  There didn’t seem to be multiple copies of this particular book like the others.  As I reached to pick it up, I noticed the title of this book was “Prayers for Difficult Times; When You Don’t Know What to Pray.”  So now, I was not only standing awkwardly at the book rack by myself in front of other people, but I was standing awkwardly..by myself…grinning.  In that moment though, I didn’t care how silly I looked.  So much peace and reassurance came over me.  For me, that was a sure sign reminding me I am not alone in the decisions of life – big or small. That when we take the time and effort to trust in God completely, He will act on our hearts and make our path straight! (Proverbs 3:5-6) And today I pray, whatever you may be facing, you find the strength and courage to do just that – to turn control over to God, and trust in the plans He has for you!


2 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God.

  1. Ms Emily, I am missing your blog updates. Hear that you are rather busy with life at the moment , and wishing you the very best. Hope to see you Back here soon!

    1. You are very kind! Was just thinking that I cannot wait to be able to write again!! Will be back soon..Keep checking:)

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