Rocky Mountain High (not that kind of high!)

I enjoy the mountains for so much more than the obvious reasons of them being breathtaking and beautiful.  It has given me countless ways to mix up my workouts and provides new scenery with every trailhead.  While I can’t exactly bring the mountains to you, I wanted to create a 30 minute workout that simulates the ups and downs of the mountains while also kicking to the curb how monotonous the treadmill can be.  I did this workout recently and found I was so focused on the intervals that the workout flew by.  When you’re tired,use your imagination a little- isn’t it gorgeous on that mountain?;-)

Aside from the Rockies helping me stay active, they have also made me realize how much they mimic life.  Each trail has its peaks and valleys.  Sometimes when I’m climbing (or doing this workout), I have moments I feel really strong and like I can conquer anything.  Other times I wonder “Ahh, when is this going to end?”

Have you ever had situations in your life that seem like this? You have worked so hard, kept a positive attitude, but the light at the end of the tunnel is farther than you anticipated? You keep going, because that really is the only choice and then the relief hits.  Right when you think you can’t handle anymore you reach the top and see the beautiful view.  It all makes sense.  All you went through, was preparing you for this moment.

Often times, in the present, it is hard to tell why something is unfolding as it is – especially when we are walking through a valley. Our patience and strength are tested.  Frustration, sadness, and even anger can take over.  In those moments, remember, you are climbing to the top of that peak.  It can be hard to get there, but when you do, boy is it worth it.

Today take time to acknowledge what you are going through.  If you are at the peak, enjoy the view  and remember how blessed you are to be there!  On the way up to the peak? Keep going. You have in it you! There is something beautiful that may be too far off in the distance to see now, but it is waiting for you!


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