What are Your Windshield Wipers?

You know those really fun situations when you are driving on wet roads and as you go to pass a semi, the flood flying off their tires onto you windshield makes it impossible to see for a moment? Though a little irritating, you probably aren’t sent into a panic (okay maybe a slight panic for a millisecond) or become thrown off for the entire day.  Instead, you probably reach to turn on your windshield wipers so you can see clearly again.

This blurred windshield can be much like situations in our own life.  How often is our view clouded as situations, people or words splash up as we are trying to move forward, preventing us from seeing clearly?  Unlike simply reaching down to turn on our windshield wipers in our car, our emotions are a bit harder to wipe away and tend to take over.  They fog our vision as we become so focused on the negatives that we forget to “turn on our windshield wipers” to help us continue moving forward.

Think about it

Take time to think about what your “windshield wipers” are.  What helps you to recharge or reset each day?  Make a list of those things – whether it be 1 or many – and keep them in place convenient so you can remind yourself of these strategies when your game plan is thrown off.


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