Life isn’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride

Nature is a constant reminder how big life is and how small of a space we occupy on this earth.  In our daily lives, however, it can be challenging for our stresses, our worries, or emotions not to seem as big as the entire planet. And that is understandable.  YOU are important and so is what you’re going through.  Asking “how do we find perspective in situations that seem all-consuming in the moment” is more than a valid question.  So, let’s dive into answering that.

For a moment, I want to take an adventure. I want you to think about sitting on the lush, green grass pictured here.  Think about the openness around you, the subtle, cool breeze kissing your skin, and the sound of a small stream whispering next to you.  Sit with that for a minute.  Take yourself to that very spot.

Notice where your mind is.  Hopefully it wandered away from work, the groceries you have to pick up, the cleaning that needs done, the insecurities that often flood your mind many days – even if only briefly.

I want you now to revisit that picture; that spot.  I want you to again acknowledge the openness around you, the calming breeze and whisper of the stream.  The only change you are going to  makeis adding a giant tree to the landscape….that you’re sitting directly behind.  How beautiful is that space now, sitting with an obstructed view ?

The big picture isn’t as clear as it once was before putting the tree there, right?  Maybe it’s a bit harder to imagine how the whole scene fits together to create the beauty that surrounds.

How many times in life have you been caught sitting behind a “tree” or looking at a single focal point in a situation; especially when it involves stress, worry, pain, or fear?  Do you step back and look at the big picture and have trust that what you’re going through now, is adding to the beauty that is or will be unfolding in your life?

It’s important to remember a few key points about this exercise.

1) We must look at the big picture, not simply what’s in front of us

2) Often it isn’t that beauty is absent from our lives, but that we are sitting behind a tree that is blocking our view.

3) We are in control of whether or not we accept our “view is blocked.”

Next time you find yourself sitting behind that tree, remember you also have the opportunity to find a different angle or perspective to look at things from.  Have faith you are exactly where you should be and know that even when life doesn’t seem beautiful, or isn’t making sense in our often over logical minds, it’s adding to the beauty that is to come.


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