Kid Proof Banana Bites

There is nothing groundbreaking about these banana bites, aside from them being irresitable!  They are simple to throw together, knock out a serving a fruit for the day and provide a little protein to keep you full more than 5 minutes after eating them.  They are also great if you have kids because the kiddos can help make – and eat – them.


Banana Bite Recipe – Serving Size 1

1 banana

1 TBSP peanut butter


Colored toothpicks

Slice the banana into pieces.  Spread peanut butter onto banana and top with cinnamon.  Place toothpick into each slice and enjoy!

For such a simple snack, take a look at what your body is getting in return!

  • Potassium = healthier nerve and muscle function, helps maintain
  • body fluids and can help with prevention of muscle cramps
  • Vitamin C =  healthier immune system
  • Vitamin B-6= Aids in helping new cell growth
  • Fiber = Leaves us feeling full longer, and keeps us running smooth
  • Healthy fats = the guys that your body needs and can help lower the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol in the blood stream
  • Protein = What your body uses to build and repair muscle

Not too bad for something so small! Eat up and do something good for your body today!

What are some simple, healthy snacks you enjoy?


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