Five Ingredient Goodness

Eating healthy doesn’t always feel like our choice.  As much planning as we try to do, sometimes the day has its own agenda, taking one more crazy turn than we might have chosen.  All of a sudden it is 7pm and we’re just now realizing we haven’t eaten since breakfast.

Many of us have experienced those whirlwind days that leave us exhausted and scavenging through our cupboards at the end of the night trying to satisfy hunger and digest the day – which usually isn’t the best combination if any emotion was involved.

Though these days are inevitable, planning to keep your health on track when these days surface, is not.  After all, you plan when you will leave for work, what meetings you will have when you get there, what projects you have to work on, who is picking up who from practice, and what your weekend plans are. Why not plan when you will take care of you?

It may sound silly to plan an “activity” that is essential to living because it doesn’t seem to carry as much weight as the deadlines you’re after at work, but you’ll be happy you did when you have a healthy option to munch on coming up for air between meetings or when you need something quick while driving all over town to get the kiddos where they need to be.

This simple, five ingredient goodness (aka homemade trail mix) is the perfect snack to stash in your desk drawer or throw in the car for those days that have you going non-stop.  This recipe was designed to keep you full longer with both protein and fiber.  And for those of us that have a sweet tooth (which I know nothing about 😉 ) there is some dark chocolate thrown in, too.

Five Ingredient Goodness Trail Mix

Honey Nut Cheerios (or Cheerios of your choice)

SkinnyPop Popcorn

Unsalted Almonds

Reduced Sugar Dried Cranberries

Dark Chocolate Chips

Mix and Enjoy!

Yup. That is it! 5 ingredients.  Super quick and easy to make in bulk for the week!


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