Go play! 20 Minute Outdoor Workout

We’re big believers that anywhere can provide a good workout – that includes the gym without membership fees – outside!   Time to head outside to your favorite park or even your own backyard. Anywhere you have some fresh air and can soak up some vitamin D while you’re at it will work just fine. GO […]


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Mid-Week ‘Pick Me Up’ Pyramid

You’ve made it to the middle of the week.  First of all congratulations!  Also, WARNING: excuses will start trying to invite themselves into your workout routine.  As much as we’d love to control everything that happens each day, that just isn’t reality.  Often, uninvited guests like frustration, stress or exhaustion start to creep in.  Maybe […]

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Behind the scenes of TWS

Our Main Mission: Simplicity With thousands of different options claiming to be the best route to reach fitness goals and a multi-billion dollar industry behind the marketing working to persuade you they have the secret to results, it can become overwhelming fast. After working with hundreds of clients and watching the title wave of options […]

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