Mid-Week ‘Pick Me Up’ Pyramid

You’ve made it to the middle of the week.  First of all congratulations!  Also, WARNING: excuses will start trying to invite themselves into your workout routine.  As much as we’d love to control everything that happens each day, that just isn’t reality.  Often, uninvited guests like frustration, stress or exhaustion start to creep in.  Maybe you decided to sleep a little extra, or drive straight home after  work instead of making your usual  pit stop at the gym.

It is hard to find time for health among the many things you’re juggling and entirely too easy when we miss a day of working out to tell ourselves we messed up our whole week so we will just start fresh Monday.  That one missed workout turns into some late night snacking, which turns into some fast food for lunch the next day, which then rolls right into happy hour.  We’re then left sitting on the couch Sunday night feeling blah as we reflect on our last few days. Sound familiar?

Next time you encounter a slight speed bump in your schedule that leaves you missing your workout or ditching the diet, think about this.  You’re driving along in your car.  You unfortunately get a flat tire as you are driving around town.  Do you decide “well heck, I have one bad tire, might as well shoot out the other three!!” or do you fix your flat tire and continue moving forward?

The same goes for a missed workout, a lousy meal, a stressful day.  That is just one flat tire.  That doesn’t mean we have to blow out our other tires – or in this case miss the rest of our workouts, eat crummy the rest of the week, or wait until Monday to get it fixed.

REMINDER: There is nothing magical about Monday.  Any day of the week works to get back on track!

Fix that flat tire and continuing moving forward.  Don’t get down on yourself for what you did or did not do.  It has already happened and beating yourself up about it isn’t going to throw you in a time machine to go back and re-do something! Embrace today and what you can do moving forward.

To help jumpstart your Wednesday, here you go.  No need to wait for Monday to roll around…get back on track today with this Boredom Blasting, Pick Me Up Pyramid!

Work hard. You deserve this!


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