Still living in the same ‘ol comfort zone?

We had a conversation over the weekend that really got us thinking.  As we began talking with a young lady who happened to be a group exercise instructor, she began to share a story.  The story began in New York, where she lived at the time.  She worked as a professional dancer, and though she was content, she made a decision she was ready for change.   So what did she do?  Well, her and her boyfriend threw what they owned out and moved to Hawaii.  Bam. Problem solved.  She chuckled as she continued saying “Looking back I probably should have thought that through more, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”  She talked about what an awesome experience it was and how much she learned about who she was in that time.  “Sink or swim, you always make it out alright” she ended with.

What powerful words and such an incredible attitude.  She had no doubt, regardless, she would be fine.  How many of us dive in head first when change comes knocking or change is what we’re after?   Or do we find ourselves doing the exact same thing daily, because it’s routine, not because it is something we are truly passionate about?   Have you caught yourself not going in the direction of your heart, because it seems crazy and you are worried what others would think? Want us to keep asking questions?:)

Be bold .  TODAY! Go after what brings you joy!

Our challenge this week is to think about what truly brings you joy in life. When we forget to include these moments – big or small –  we start stacking up our stress.  That stress, as many of us have experienced (including us!) affects sleep, relationships, energy levels, and motivation.

Are you missing an opportunity simply because your heart and mind are closed to change?  Maybe it’s something small, like starting your day with a 10 minute walk to have some quiet space before a busy day, that you’ve been meaning to include in your day, but haven’t made it a priority.  Well guess what?  Step one to today: CHANGE.  TODAY IS THE DAY.  Leave your comfort zone.  Try something new.  Start what you’ve been saying you would for days, weeks, months or even years.  Acknowledge there may be fear in it, but go for it anyways.  Make mistakes.  Afterall, the faster you make mistakes, the quicker you’ll learn from them.  Today is what you have.  And today, the choices you make, will influence your tomorrow.  How do you want your tomorrow’s to look?


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