The #1 Mistake You’re Making with your Workout

We all have our favorite workouts.  Whether you find yourself working out at a gym or at home, those go-to workouts become an easy way to ensure you get your sweat on and eliminate an already tired mind from thinking too much after a long day.

Regardless of what goal you’re after, if you’re giving any time at all to your fitness, don’t you want to know what you’re doing is working toward the bigger picture and you aren’t wasting time?  If you answered yes, then listen up to avoid the #1 mistake you could be making with your workouts.


The mistake?  DOING THE SAME ROUTINE, over and over and over and over, oh and over again! Wait a minute…you are working out and moving so why would it matter how you are getting the exercise?

Think of it like this. You get a nice gift card for your birthday and decide to treat yourself to 3 new outfits.  After you pick them out, you cannot wait to wear them and show them off. You get so excited, that for the next month you wear one of the outfits every other day for that entire month.  By the end of the month, after you have worn those outfits everywhere, your excitement begins to lessen.  In fact, those outfits you were crazy about, really are starting to seem boring now.

Just like you may become bored with those new outfits after a month of wearing them non-stop, you guessed it, your body essentially become ‘bored’ with your workout routine after about 6 weeks.  Not only does it become bored, but also smarter.  After doing the same routine for about 6 weeks, your body becomes so used to the exercises that is now can do the exact same workout using less energy = less calories = slowed/stopped progress.

If you are guilty of this, do your body a favor – Switch it up with this 15 minute

Cardio and Core Interval Workout!


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