Short on time? Try the 4-3-2-1 workout

Short on time? Low on energy? Get to the end of your day and wonder where time went? To us those are all valid concerns when trying to crunch fitness into your already packed schedule.   Though we’ll never argue with a busy lifestyle, what we will argue is that you have 10 minutes during your week that aren’t spoken for, which means you CAN fit in a workout (or two).

We aren’t sure when or why, but at some point, we started thinking in order to get a “real workout”, we had to make major sacrifices and get to the gym multiple times a week.  However, we’ve yet to find a rule book that lets us know if we only have 10 minutes to workout, we should just forget about it.

What if instead we thought the opposite? That those 10 minutes we had were huge and could move us toward goal(s)? Re-think your routine and challenge yourself to complete the workout below.  No need for a gym membership or fancy equipment to have a great workout.   Pencil in your 10 minute workout for the week, grab a timer and let’s go!

4 minutes cardio – 3 minutes of strength – 2 minutes of core – 1 minute of stretching!

Remember, if you’re moving, you’re working.  If you’re working, you’re burning calories and that’s reason to celebrate (in a healthy way of course) YOU!

Have a couple extra minutes?

Depending on how much time you have, try doing 3 sets of this workout or 1 set 3 different times throughout the day.


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