Change you lens. Change your life.

imageRocky. A place you want to be in life?  For most, probably not.  It can insinuate rough, tough, and/or uncertainty.  Perhaps it means a roller coaster of emotions that have the potential to leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day and with no time to take care of you. To place rocky with a positive connotation would seem to contradict itself a bit, right?  If life is rocky, it usually doesn’t mean warm or fuzzy and quite frankly we welcome anytime the terrain wants to even out.

For TWS, rocky wasn’t a place we greeted with open arms.  In our mind it had a negative perception and shoot, with social media, if life wasn’t perfect like everyone else’s displayed in selfies, statuses and pictures, having a rocky time in life could leave us feeling like we had caught the plague.  That was until we realized two things.  One, we all experience rocky in life whether we chose to talk about it or not and two, rocky only had a negative connotation because we had given it that meaning.

Notice all of the pictures in this post.

All rocky, right?  Yet beauty in them all, too.

Think about shifting your definition of rocky to include beauty.  Can that new found definition be applied in your life now or when your journey takes a turn that is unexpected?  Can some positive be pulled from negative?

So many times we adopt a perspective because it’s a norm.  It’s what we were taught.  We don’t form our own opinions, but adopt those of others.

We challenge you to view the ups and downs in life through a different lens. Reach out if you need help.  Embrace what you are dealt and approach it with curiosity.  Look at the whole picture – not just a snapshot.  And remember, you ROCK!!

Alright time to make your life a little rocky on purpose! (Sick of reading the word rocky yet? 🙂 ) The workout for today will have you climbing up and down and help with putting your new perspective into practice!  Turn your ups and downs into fuel for your workout.


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