3 Quick Tips for Healthy and Affordable Grocery Shopping

MYTH: If you want to eat healthy, you’re going to have to spend more on groceries.

TRUTH:  If you want to eat healthy, you can actually LOWER your grocery bill.

Follow this 3 quick tips for healthy and affordable grocery shopping.

Tip #1 Keep out of the isles


That’s right! 75% of your shopping can be accomplished without stepping foot in the isle way. Start at the front of the store with produce.  Shop smart by checking out produce that is in season.  How do you know it’s in season.? The price tag.  If it’s lower, chances are it is in season.  (Remember 3/4th of your shopping will be done after you load your cart with fruits and veggies.)

Also, plan ahead, and choose recipes that use similar ingredients.  Choosing fruits and vegetables that can be used in multiple dishes such as soups, salads, stir fry, or pastas can save you the hassle of having every item of the produce department in your cart and a sky high grocery bill to reflect that.

Tip#2 Pick out plain ‘foundations’ for your meals

Whether this is whole grain pasta (be sure the first ingredient is whole grain), quinoa,  couscous, or another of your favorite, picking up these rather plain ‘foundations’ for dishes allows you to buy a large amount without breaking the budget.  You will also find these bases to be versatile, soaking up the flavor of the seasonings you add to them!   They quickly become a great choice if you are feeding a family – they can be found extremely cheap for large amounts, are tasty with seasoned veggies, and provide a good amount of protein without the addition of red meat.

Tip #3 Don’t deprive yourself of what you really love

Have that favorite treat that is a bit of an indulgence?  Add it to your grocery list.  Of course, this doesn’t mean go crazy.  You’ll still want to keep moderation in mind. Allowing yourself to have small treats throughout the week will keep cravings satisfied without erasing your hard work at the gym.

Happy Shopping!


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