What a Waterfall can teach you about life

Each day we have the opportunity to learn if we choose to open our eyes and ears.  Though we often associate “learning” with a deliberate action or effort, and a person behind the teaching, many lessons are uncovered when we least expect them to be.  A great example? Walking through a visitor center of a state park, where a bookmark lay tucked back in the corner for sale.  It read:

Advice from a Waterfall

Go with the flow

Roar with excitement

Let your cares fall away

Create your own music

Immerse yourself in nature

Stay Active

Make a Splash

Let that sink in.  How concise, yet in depth are these words?  Visualize a crisp waterfall rushing over the jagged rocks of a cliff as it pours to the water below.  It doesn’t matter what is happening around the waterfall, it has its set path and is determined to get there.  How powerful could this image become when brought to life in the way we approach each day?

Next time you have a day where disappointment, frustration or anger attempts to take the drivers seat, think back to a waterfall.  Go with the flow.  Seek the positive to give you something to roar about.  Keep things in perspective and let the details that don’t really matter in the end, wash away. Make your own music even when others are trying to change the station.  Leave your positive mark on those around you no matter whats going on.  You have the choice.  What will you choose?


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