The Best Travel Workout

It’s summer! Which for many means some sort of travel.  Whether it’s a family vacation,  solo travel, or just a weekend get away, planning ahead of time helps make sure you’ll still get some sort of movement in while you’re away from home. This workout is the perfect mix – total body, efficient and very […]

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Fun + Fitness

Who doesn’t want to have fun while working out?  We sure do so we’re changing it up today.  You’ll need a deck of cards  and yourself to make this workout a success. Here’s How It Works

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Mid-Week ‘Pick Me Up’ Pyramid

You’ve made it to the middle of the week.  First of all congratulations!  Also, WARNING: excuses will start trying to invite themselves into your workout routine.  As much as we’d love to control everything that happens each day, that just isn’t reality.  Often, uninvited guests like frustration, stress or exhaustion start to creep in.  Maybe […]

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Lean Legs (Quick!)

Think you need hours at the gym to sculpt lean legs? Think again! 10 minutes is all you need to jump start your way to leaner legs.  Try out this quick circuit that will leave you knowing you worked your body today. Ready…Set…Go!

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